Drones boost construction industry competitiveness

Drones boost construction industry competitiveness Wollongabba contour files e1509484085178

As the year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how the use of drones is changing the construction industry, especially in the large commercial development sector. 2018 has brought major changes to construction workflows and processes that have seen drones move from the realm of the curious to essential tools in the workplace. […]

Why is soil conductivity mapping so important to farmers?

The factors that drive Soil EC also drive Soil Productivity Soil conductivity testing and mapping is a proven technology that’s been around for decades. Farmers and growers, crop consultants, nutrient suppliers, agronomists and soil scientists around the world use EM/EC soil testing and soil conductivity mapping in conjunction with physical soil testing and vegetation analysis […]

Soil conductivity mapping key to understanding variability

Soil conductivity mapping key to understanding variability EM soil conductivity map e1530250624652

Variability in soil types across a field can be one of the biggest factors in variability of crop yield. Soil salinity, texture, water content and the soil’s ability to hold and use vital nutrients all contribute to crop variability across a field. Now growers can develop accurate maps of soil characteristics across a field, or […]

So you wanna be a drone pilot?

So you wanna be a drone pilot? Aerial news footage for ABC television

The Definitive Guide to Commercial UAV Operations in Australia UPDATED 19 FEB 2020 If you are an electrical engineer or have significant experience in the electrical transmission, renewable energy, construction engineering or oil and gas industry sectors, and wanting to be a commercial drone pilot, please contact Tony ([email protected]) to discuss current employment opportunities in […]

Using NDVI to help manage a golf course

Using NDVI to help manage a golf course golf course ndvi mapping

NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) is nothing new in agriculture and has been widely used to detect crop health issues for many years. The idea of using NDVI imaging to manage turf health issues in golf courses is pretty new, although it is closely aligned with NDVI using in managing turf farms. As with the […]

Macadamia growers’ case study 2017

Macadamia growers’ case study 2017 NDVI mapping of macadamia orchards

Queensland Drones is currently working with Growcom’s Hort360 project team to identify critical correlations between sub-soil conditions, soil drainage and erosion, and tree health in macadamia orchards on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. So far we’ve worked with eight growers over a total of almost 500 acres of prime macadamia orchards across the hinterland region. There are still opportunities […]

Shooting aerial video

Shooting aerial video Aerial photograph of Swanbank Reservoir

One of the aspects of drone photography I most enjoy and will continue to pursue even if my commercial interests take me elsewhere is aerial video. There’s something incredibly satisfying about planning an aerial videography route, thinking about what I’m going to capture and then comparing that to what I get after I’ve edited and […]

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