Queensland Drones is Committed to Your Privacy

Although drones are often considered by some as an invasion of privacy, here at Queensland Drones we have a commitment to maintaining the privacy of our customers and the public in the course of completing our aerial imaging projects. We don’t go around peering through windows or looking down on peoples’ backyards, because that’s not right. In fact, we operate a job assessment system which includes a privacy protection assessment for every aerial project we undertake.

As we fly our aerial imaging missions, we may incidentally collect images and data about properties neighbouring that of our client. Where this imagery is not critical to the client’s needs, we will delete it from our records entirely. Where it is passed on to the client, we ask that they take care to protect your privacy in their use of that imagery. We also collect telemetry data from our aircraft, but this contains no personal information.

But what about when you use our website?

In the normal course of using our website we try not to collect any personally identifying information unless you offer it through completion of an online form. In this case, your personally identifiable information is protected through our use of an SSL security certificate on our website, which means any information you enter into a form is encrypted as it is sent between our website and our enquiry email system. Look for the lock in the URL bar above to confirm that our SSL security is in operation.

When we collect personally identifiable information from you through our website, we only collect what we need to respond to your enquiry, nothing more. We don’t store that information in a database unless you become a paying customer, in which case we store your contact details in our online accounting system. For more information about how your data is protected in our online accounting system, visit https://www.zoho.com/privacy.html.

We do use what are called “cookies” to gather anonymous data about how you and others use our website (as do 99% of all websites on the internet). These are known as “session cookies” and only last for the time you’re on our website. The data they collect helps us understand what’s working and what’s not as you use our website, so we can keep improving it. Please have a look at your web browser “help” page to see how you can manage cookie settings. Our website cookies collect information about your location, the type of web browser and device you used to access our website, the computer operating system you use and the IP address of the ISP you used to connect to our site.

We may use and aggregate the data we collect from our website to better understand how our site is being used and to better target our information to your specific needs. We do not provide your data to any third party and we would never use it to send you unwanted communications.

When you complete a form on our website, you are authorising us to use the information provided in that form to understand and respond to your enquiry by email, by phone or both. We are not in the business of compiling and selling information, but we may in some cases need to provide some of your details to our trusted partners and consultants in the ordinary course of business to better respond to your enquiry.

In rare circumstances, we may be compelled to provide your information or data to government agencies as required by federal or state law, or by an order of a court or law enforcement agency. We reserve the right to disclose information as necessary to protect ourselves or others from fraudulent, abusive, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate use of our website or email systems; to investigate and defend ourselves against third-party claims or allegations; to protect the security or integrity of our online systems; or to protect the rights, property, security, and/or safety of other users or third-parties.

International visitors and customers

Our website is hosted in Singapore and managed in Australia. If you are visiting from another region which has laws governing the collection and use of information which differ from those in Australia, please be aware that we are collecting your data in Singapore and transferring it to Australia, which may not have equivalent data protection systems to those in your jurisdiction.

By using our website and providing your personal data, you consent to the use of that information and data in accordance with this privacy policy and the transfer of your data and information to Australia as described.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time. If we modify this policy we will make the amended policy available here at this URL. If we are aware that these changes materially affect your rights or obligations, we will make our best efforts to contact you at your last known email address.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy.