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Every aerial project is different, so there are a lot of variables in pricing. We prefer to provide a tailored quote after discussing all the factors that can influence how the project is handled, including the type of filming (e.g. surveys and videography typically take more setup time than still photography), the location (some locations may require special permission from CASA, local government or land owners), the time of year (we have workload peaks and troughs like any service business), the risks of the particular project and the weather outlook.

Aerial photography and video

Queensland Drones pricing for aerial photography and video takes into account all the factors required to ensure legal compliance and to get to the outcome you’re seeking for your project. This includes research and planning time, securing required permissions (including from CASA if required), travel time and travel costs, time on site to capture the images or video, time off-site to process images and video, get the best we can out of every image and frame of video, create panoramas or high dynamic range, color-graded photos and everything else you would expect from a professional photographer. There are no hidden costs.

We don’t publish rates online because there are too many inexperienced operators who don’t know how to quote, so they copy those who do.

Surveys and mapping

Queensland Drones calculates survey and mapping rates based on the size of the area being surveyed, the equipment we need to use to complete the survey (quadcopter or fixed wing), the type of terrain we are surveying, the preparation work and risk planning needing to be done before the survey, any permissions we may be required to obtain to fly over the site, and the amount of post-processing (image stitching, analysis, production, etc) we need to do to obtain the results you need for your project.

We don’t publish rates online because there are too many inexperienced operators who don’t know how to quote, so they copy those who do.

We also sometimes price on a per day or per half-day rate, which takes into account the time to plan the job, travel to and from the location, and to post-process the imagery after the survey. We may add out-of-pocket 

We strive to ensure our services are cost-effective for growers, providing critical information that will save you far more than the cost of the surveys. Please feel free to call Tony on 1300 025 111 to discuss how we can save you money through regular crop surveys.

Billing and payment

For new customers, we require a pre-payment of 50% when the booking is confirmed, with the balance due prior to delivery of final products (we always provide preview images before requesting final payment, so you know what you’re paying for). Payment is via direct deposit, credit card or Paypal. We may add the cost of fees charged by credit card companies or Paypal to your invoice if you choose these payment methods.

For regular customers, we offer 15 day credit terms. Invoices are provided with final imaging and payment is due within 15 days of invoice date.

Availability, bookings and deposits

Because weather can always be a factor in outdoor activities, we try to be a bit flexible with our bookings. If we can’t do the job on the day we agreed because of weather or other circumstances, we will always try to book an alternate date that suits you.

We prefer not to accept “last minute” jobs because each project requires significant planning and risk assessment. We have to make sure the job can be done safely, that we can stay within the rules set by CASA for aerial work and that we have all the permissions needed from CASA, land owners, local government and the like.

We are happy to “pencil in” jobs for particular dates, but priority will always be given to customers who have paid a deposit for their project. We usually request a deposit of 35% of the total estimated project cost when locking in the date for a job. This deposit must be paid in advance of any work commencing and the date will only be locked in when the deposit has been paid.

Postponement and cancellation

If we cannot complete a project due to weather or adverse flying conditions, we will not charge you unless we are not able to make alternative arrangements to complete the job at another mutually agreed date and time. We try to be very flexible in re-booking jobs impacted by weather. But if we cannot agree on an alternate date/time, we will need to deduct time and expenses incurred from the deposit paid.

If the job is cancelled by the client less than 7 days prior to commencement, the 35% deposit will not be refunded unless by prior agreement and any time and expenses incurred will be deducted from the refunded deposit amount.

Copyright, intellectual property and usage

Unless specifically requested and agreed, all rights to footage and processed product are retained by Queensland Drones. You will have full use of all the materials but you will not be able to sell the footage to another person or business and you cannot allow a third party to use it without our written agreement.

We take great pride in our work and we actively promote our project through this website, through social media and in competitions and showreels. We reserve the right to use any footage or end product created for our customers in the promotion of our business unless rights have been specifically purchased by the customer.

These are the standard terms of use for most photographers. If you have any questions about these terms, please speak to us before we commence your project.

Planning, permissions and insurance

Queensland Drones is fully licensed by CASA and carries full public liability insurance. We suggest you do not engage any aerial photography business which is not fully licensed and insured as you may be held liable for any damage or injury they cause on your project.

Because we are fully licensed and insured, we need to carry out a risk assessment for each project we undertake and we may, in some circumstances, require special permission from CASA to undertake some aspects of the project (e.g. filming near an airport). These permissions can sometimes take several weeks to obtain.

Before undertaking any project, we prefer to carry out an on-site assessment of the location of the project so we can determine special risk factors we might face (proximity of people, power lines, other aircraft, obstacles, etc).

We ask that you factor this into the planning and timing of your project.

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