Aerial LIDAR Mapping Service

Aerial 3D Models, Accurate Contours and Feature Extraction

Queensland Drones delivers on-demand, accurate and high quality aerial LIDAR mapping data for 3D visualisation, digital twin creation, vegetation mapping, contour mapping, volumetric analysis and more.

Our PPK-enabled drone LIDAR mapping sensor with fully integrated and calibrated 26MP RGB mapping camera delivers 5-10cm precision data without ground control points and 2-4cm precision when combined with accurately measured ground control points.

Use Cases for Aerial LIDAR Mapping

Our UAV LIDAR mapping and inspection service is designed for:

  • Campus and building complex visualisation
  • Land and property development
  • Mining and quarry management
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Environmental management
  • Forestry and agriculture
  • Elevation, contour and topographic mapping
  • Levelling, excavation and volume calculation
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage management
  • Highway construction and corridor mapping
  • Powerline mapping and vegetation modelling

Aerial LIDAR Mapping Deliverables

We provide a full LIDAR point cloud and RGB orthomosaic data processing service delivering BIM/CAD ready outputs including:

  • 3D fully colourised point cloud (LAS, LAZ or XYZ format)
  • 3D classified point cloud (full or thinned to your specification)
  • Point Cloud classified to ground, buildings, powerlines, vegetation, etc.
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM – actual terrain structures)
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM/DSM ground-classified)
  • Topographic Elevation Contours (DWG, SHP or other formats)
  • 2D high resolution orthographic imagery (GeoTIF or ECW format)
  • Terrain profiling (elevations across slices of terrain)
  • Water pooling projections (flood risk mapping, water storage planning)
  • Volumetric calculations (cut and fill, stockpile, change measurement)
  • Planimetric feature identification (vector mapping of structures and infrastructure)
  • Accurate height calculation of above ground objects
  • Accurate representation of near bare earth surfaces and hydrological behaviours

Our aerial LIDAR mapping is not reliant on flight schedules or complicated setups. Our qualified and experienced UAV pilots can be on-site usually within a matter of days to capture the data you require. Most of our drone LIDAR mapping data processing is done in-house, so you don’t need to wait weeks to see the results either.

We can deliver the outputs of our service in formats you can load into your own BIM, CAD or other GIS mapping systems, or we can host your data in our own Global Cloud Server for you to access and share with others as required.

Find Out More About UAV LIDAR Mapping For Your Project

Contact Tony today on 0439 383202 or email a summary of your aerial LIDAR mapping requirements to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you to discuss options for how we can best assist you to achieve your LIDAR mapping and inspection needs.

Interested in a typical use case example for Drone LIDAR Mapping? Check this out:

We hope to add more case studies in the near future, so please check back regularly for updates.

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