One in three farmers are using drones

Are you still sitting on the fence wondering if drones are going to be useful on your farm? You might well risk being left behind. A new Pulse survey by the US Farm Journal magazine has discovered that 33% of all US farmers are using, or are planning to use, drones to help manage their crops this year.

Using drones on the farm

The Pulse survey of more than 1000 US farmers asked a very simple question … “Will you use a drone in your operations this year?”. One third of all respondents said they would use a drone, while another 31% said they would be keeping an open mind about adding drone operations to their farm in the near future.

Farmers in the USA are using drones on the farm for a variety of management activities including:

  • Early identification of crop stressors (NDVI imaging)
  • Creating farm infrastructure maps
  • Planning new fields, roads and dams
  • Inspecting tiles and drains
  • Checking irrigation systems and pivots
  • Capturing proof of hail and storm damage for insurance
  • Scaring off birds and other wildlife pests
  • Finding cattle and livestock on large properties
  • Roof, silo, fence, gate and dam inspections

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