Drones boost construction industry competitiveness

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As the year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how the use of drones is changing the construction industry, especially in the large commercial development sector. 2018 has brought major changes to construction workflows and processes that have seen drones move from the realm of the curious to essential tools in the workplace. As 2018 opened, we were … Read More

Why is soil conductivity mapping so important to farmers?

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The factors that drive Soil EC also drive Soil Productivity Soil conductivity testing and mapping is a proven technology that’s been around for decades. Farmers and growers, crop consultants, nutrient suppliers, agronomists and soil scientists around the world use EM/EC soil testing and soil conductivity mapping in conjunction with physical soil testing and vegetation analysis to manage how they choose … Read More

So you wanna be a drone pilot Part 4

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Part 4: It’s not just about flying a drone The big fallacy in the commercial UAV business is that it’s about flying a drone and making money from it. After 18 months in this business I can tell you it’s not really about either of those things. It’s about being able to offer a product that provides a value that … Read More

So you wanna be a drone pilot Part 6

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Part 6: And by the way, drones ain’t drones Solly … The skills and experience you need to be successful as a commercial UAV operator go well beyond the skills and experience you might have acquired flying your drone for recreational purposes. Those skills are useful, but they are only a very small component of what will make you successful … Read More

So you wanna be a drone pilot Part 5

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Part 5: And it’s not about flying a drone either Looking in from the outside it’s easy to think that all we do is fly drones. But if what I’ve described above hasn’t told the full story, let me make it really, really clear. Flying drones is only a small part of what we do as a commercial UAV operator. … Read More

So you wanna be a drone pilot Part 3

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Part 3: The state of the UAV industry in Australia It’s still tempting to think that buying a drone and flying it commercially is some kind of get rich quick scheme, or at least a way to toss off the yoke of a 9-5 job and do something you really enjoy for a living. It’s true that some UAV operators … Read More

So you wanna be a drone pilot Part 2

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Part 2: The naked truth about the commercial UAV business About once a week I get someone calling me wanting to know how to get into the drone business. 18 months since we first put the building blocks in place for Queensland Drones, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on our journey so far and provide some … Read More

How accurate are drone mapping surveys?

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Drones are being used more and more to provide maps to support construction, development, mining, agricultural and other commercial activities. Queensland Drones has been providing drone mapping surveys for over two years now, so it seems like a good time to discuss their sources, accuracy and reliability. First, let’s be clear about what drone maps are not … they are … Read More

Soil conductivity mapping key to understanding variability

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Variability in soil types across a field can be one of the biggest factors in variability of crop yield. Soil salinity, texture, water content and the soil’s ability to hold and use vital nutrients all contribute to crop variability across a field. Now growers can develop accurate maps of soil characteristics across a field, or across an entire farm, thanks … Read More

Drones and Privacy – Your Rights

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Drones and privacy

As a busy commercial drone operator, I am often asked about peoples’ right to privacy when drones are flying around them, and it is even, on occasion, suggested that I am invading someone’s privacy by flying a drone near them. So I’d like to clarify your right to privacy in relation to drone operators. First of all, let me explain … Read More