3D Model of Large Open Pit Mine

Queensland Drones was commissioned on behalf of a Hollywood movie production company to capture a high-resolution 3D model of one of the largest open pit gold mines in Australia, to be turned into a CGI set for a forthcoming feature film. More on that when it hits the big screen … until then our lips are sealed.

This model was captured using a Delair UX-11 fixed wing UAV with a 24MP mapping camera for the upper section, and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro with 20MP camera for the detail inside the pit. PPK correction was used to ensure the two sets of imagery could be tightly merged into a detailed 3D model.

Outputs included a 3D OBJ model, DEM, high res orthomosaic and detailed elevation contours.

gold mine 01 1
gold mine 04 1

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