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Professional and Affordable – CASA-Certified and Fully Insured

We are Queensland Drones – the leading commercially-certified provider of aerial mapping, aerial surveys and aerial inspection in Queensland and Northern NSW. We are also available to travel to anywhere in Australia or around the world to assist our valued clients to achieve their aerial mapping goals. We have a network of trusted associate pilots throughout Australia who can be rapidly deployed to meet your aerial inspection and mapping needs. We also have associate pilots who are certified and experienced cinematographers and aerial photographers who can assist with your commercial television and documentary requirements.

We are a CASA-certified drone operator with current certification for Fixed Wing, Powered Lift (VTOL) and Multicopter UAVs (drones)  and we operate under a strict Job Safety Assessment (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) system and we can integrate with your existing safety, orientation and biosecurity processes.

We process all of our mapping, photographic and video right here in Australia, so your sensitive data is never sent out of Australia for processing. The images and data we capture belong to our clients and we don’t share them with others without your permission.

Our core technologies include:

  • High resolution RGB mapping (20, 24 and 42 MP, 0.8-3.6 cm/px GSD)
  • Multispectral mapping (8cm/px GSD, calibrated sensor, integrated light sensor)
  • Lidar mapping (SLAM-based, 360 degree capture, GPS-denied flight)
  • High resolution still photo and video (20MP photos, 4K cinematic videos)
  • Precision multi-constellation GNSS PPK positioning (base, rover and aerial rovers)
  • Precision photogrammetric processing and spatial data generation (orthomosiac, point cloud, mesh and DEM/DTM)
  • Precision GIS analysis (elevation contours, hydrological analysis, cross-section profiling, feature extraction)

We regularly work with professionals like surveyors, engineers, agronomists, building designers and property managers to create aerial mapping and imagery that adds value to the construction, mining, environmental management and agriculture sectors. We can deliver very precise (2-3cm) aerial mapping services that extend the capability and efficiency of your regular ground surveyors.

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