LIDAR Arterial Road Mapping

Queensland Drones was commissioned by a surveying company to capture colourised 3D LIDAR data for a major arterial road intersection and its approaches from four directions, to assist Department of Transport and Main Roads engineers to build a digital twin of the intersection.

Using extensive surveyed ground controls, we were able to produce a model with an RMSE error of less than 2cm over more than one kilometre. Outputs included colourised point cloud, breakline-constrained 3D TiN Mesh, DEM, DSM and planimetric feature mapping.

Arterial Road Intersection Full Scope 1200
Arterial Road Intersection 640
Arterial Road Intersection 2 640

To see more examples of our LIDAR mapping projects, visit our Project Gallery. To enquire about 3D mapping and virtual modelling for your project, email Tony at [email protected] or give us a call on 1300 025 111.

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