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News and views about the commercial drone services industry in Australia and specific uses of drone technologies, by Tony Gilbert, CEO of Queensland Drones.

4 Top Reasons to Choose Drone Surveys

4 Top Reasons to Choose Drone Surveys Corridor Mapping

Drone surveys are still a relatively new and not fully understood process for many people, but professionals in the engineering, exploration, surveying and precision agriculture fields are rapidly embracing the advantages of this alternative approach to gathering critical site data. Where once they had to wait for a traditional surveyor to go out to a […]

5 Tips for using a Drone for Gardening

5 Tips for using a Drone for Gardening Gatton Expo trial fields page bg e1537846382105

Modernisation is seamlessly incorporated into our lives nowadays. We can learn anything with a simple video over the internet. We can socialise and provide professional services digitally. We can improve the quality of our lives by simply upgrading to more efficient technology. One of which is gardening. Gardening isn’t just about choosing the best fertiliser […]

How accurate are drone mapping surveys?

How accurate are drone mapping surveys? CAD design drawings overlaid on precision topographic imaging

Can Drone Aerial Surveys Meet Engineering Standards? Drone mapping surveys are being used more and more to support construction, development, mining, agricultural and other commercial activities. Queensland Drones is a trusted provider of precision PPK Precision Aerial Mapping using purpose-built mapping UAVs. We regularly partner with engineers, surveyors and other industry professionals to rapidly deliver […]

New Ways to Manage Seed Trials and Trial Plots in 4 Easy Steps

Improve Seed Trials using Multispectral Trial Plot Mapping Modern farming is challenging. Drought, climate change and other natural disasters are cutting farm profits, but you still need to do the best you can with what you have. Which is why seed selection and trial plots are so critical to the success of your crops. A […]

Multispectral Post Emergence Crop Surveys

Multispectral Post Emergence Crop Surveys post emergence crop survey e1588288236251

How to Rapidly Audit your Crop Planting Investment As identified by McCaine et al (University of Mississippi, 2019), “Plant density estimation during the emergence phase is critical for early-season decision making. Estimation of both crop and weed density is critical for addressing early season issues. Mapping of weeds in crops at any stage can be […]

Why Multispectral Mapping beats NDVI

Why Multispectral Mapping beats NDVI Multispectral map of tree plantation using Micasense Rededge

Getting the Right Management Insights at the Right Time Why is multispectral mapping so important? Because decision-making is not about pretty pictures, it’s about having the right data for the right job and empowering you to grow the healthiest crops you can. NDVI was good technology 30 years ago when the first Landsat satellites were […]

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