Precision Volumetric Measurement Using Drones

For mines, quarries, stockpiles and site excavations

Volumetric Measurement
Volumetric mapping of stockpiles is a fast, accurate and cost-effective method to regularly measure stockpile volumes and calculate material movements

Volumetric measurement using drones has been proven to be a faster, safer and more cost-effective way to calculate stockpile volumes for quarries and mines, and to estimate cut-fill volumes for construction and engineering projects.

If you are in the construction, mining, agriculture or development sectors, you will already know the importance of accurately monitoring and measuring stockpile volumes. But did you also know that precision aerial volumetric measurement can accurately estimate the amount of material added to or removed from a site over a day, a week, a month or a quarter, to assist in auditing contractor invoices for delivery, removal, transport and re-use of materials?

Queensland Drones specialises in precision volumetric measurement mapping and modelling of large and complex mine sites, quarries, landfills, agricultural and development sites, even in remote areas. Our commercial grade PPK mapping drones, combined with precise RTK ground control where required, can capture 2-3cm precision data even across large areas. If you require absolute precision, we can work with your site surveyor to survey ground control points and use these for precise data correction.

Volumetric Measurement of Pits and Excavations

Volumetric analysis using precision PPK aerial mapping data is a very fast, accurate and economical way to measure the volume of pits, excavations and stockpiles. Using best practice measurement techniques and high quality in-house processing, we find that volume measurements from 3D virtual models can be accurate to within 2-3% of traditional measurements using ground-based laser systems. With the added benefit that drones can be deployed safely even in the most dangerous environments.

Precision volumetric measurement from 3D aerial mapping
This precise 3D model of a mine pit can be used to easily and accurately measure surfaces that would not be safe for a traditional ground survey. In this project, spot measurements at the top of the bund wall showed vertical precision of less than 10mm.

Our centimetre precision aerial mapping service can cover very large areas much more quickly than traditional ground-based laser measurements. Our commercial grade mapping drones can cover more than 3000 acres in a single day, delivering high-resolution orthometric data and GIS-grade outputs ready to import into your BIM, CAD or ESRI platform. A volumetric mapping survey that might typically take two surveyors over 12 hours to complete can be captured in 2-3 hours, with data delivered within 1-2 business days.

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