Engineering Pre-Design Site Surveys

Before construction can commence on a major project, a full site survey by a licensed surveyor is preferable and in many cases essential. However, pre-design work can often be informed much more quickly and cost-effectively using a pre-design site survey.

Queensland Drones is not a licensed surveyor, but we do have many of the tools of a licensed surveyor to allow us to provide close to engineering grade survey data for non-engineering purposes (e.g. site planning, cut and fill estimates, quantity surveys, tenders, etc). We can work with your trusted surveyor or we can introduce a trusted surveyor we’ve worked with previously to ensure you can confidently rely on the data we provide.

In the example shown below, a full site survey by a licensed surveyor would have taken weeks and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even a traditional drone survey using photogrammetry or Lidar would have taken many weeks to deliver, as the site is in the flight path of a busy airport and would have required a long CASA review and approval process.

Fast and accurate site survey
Example of a pre-design engineering survey

Using advanced GIS techniques, Queensland Drones was able to provide a pre-design data set (leveled contours, DEM and orthographic image) for this site in less than a week and with real world precision measured in centimeters. We also provided a detailed report on accuracy and how it was established.

This pre-design survey was delivered using a combination of LiDAR data, high resolution satellite imagery and precise location data collected by a registered surveyor (in just a few hours on the site).

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