Queensland Drones is pleased to present a small cross-section of the projects we have undertaken with clients over the past two years. Talk to us about your aerial imaging project requirements – we have the skills, experience and equipment to ensure the best outcomes to enhance your project.

Development site contour mapping

Queensland Drones was engaged by an international property developer to provide precision contour mapping of a major five star resort development site in Brisbane after access to the site was temporarily denied due to environmental concerns. Our contour mapping allowed the design process to continue while the environmental concerns were dealt with.

Precision contour model of development site with ground control points

Construction site contour mapping

Queensland Drones was engaged by a construction project manager to produce accurate contour mapping of a building site near Brisbane CBD to ensure flood mitigation levels had not been compromised by excavation works and to provider a baseline for calculating volume of fill being removed from the site by contractors.

In progress contour mapping of a construction site

As-built project photography for remote investors

Queensland Drones was engaged by a Sydney-based property developer to capture “as built” photos of a recently completed high-rise accommodation tower, to send to overseas project investors.

As-built aerial photography provides stakeholders with a record of the completed works

Projected views from a Sunshine Coast high-rise development

Queensland Drones was engaged by an interstate property developer to capture projected views from a group of apartment blocks planned for a greenfield site in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, to show to potential “off the plan” unit purchasers and investors.

aerial project photography

Projected panoramic beach views from a 10th floor unit

Background views for AutoCAD building design model

Queensland Drones was engaged by a Brisbane-based building design firm to capture projected views from a proposed high-rise development near Brisbane CBD, to be imported into AutoCAD and used as background views from inside the design model.

Aerial imagery can model the views from any part of a proposed development

Macadamia and pineapple farm data layer mapping

Queensland Drones worked closely with Growcom’s Hort360 project team, funded by Queensland Government, to capture 10 layers of structural data including NDVI, EM soil conductivity, water flow modelling and erosion modelling to help Queensland macadamia and pineapple growers to establish comprehensive farm management plans.

NDVI was a core input to the project, but we were keen to see how NDVI correlates with other structural data layers.

Using Lidar data, we were able to map the height of tree canopies and compare that with plant health maps to identify possible correlations.

A disk full of memories

Queensland Drones was engaged by a Sunshine Coast family to create an album of treasured memories before they move out of their family farm and into retirement accommodation. We worked closely with the family to capture the locations and views of their acreage property that would be the most important for their memories.

Views over a rural macadamia farm near Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast

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