Identify Surfaces, Breaklines, Features, Slopes and More

Aerial road reserve mapping using precision UAVs is revolutionising the process of linear road mapping.

Our precision linear road mapping services help councils, transport agencies and civil engineering companies to quickly and accurately create large area linear surveys of roads and road reserves by implementing proven aerial imaging and post-processing models and delivering a range of precision data types that go well beyond traditional ground surveys.

While the use of surveyors may be critical for some elements of road design and road redesign projects, the addition of precision UAV mapping can make the work of your surveyors much more timely, cost-effective and efficient.

  • Centimetre precision, even over large areas
  • High resolution orthographic images
  • 3D point cloud, mesh or TIN
  • Breaklines for roads, structures, slopes and other features
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or Digital Surface Model (DTM)
  • Classified point cloud
  • DEM and Elevation Contours
  • Water flow modelling
  • Volumetric measurement for cut and fill
  • As built comparison to design models
  • Ask us about customised outputs for your specific needs

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