Queensland Drones professional aerial photography and aerial mapping







precision aerial mapping using Wingtra One PPK


Queensland Drones uses the incredible Wingtra One PPK VTOL UAV to deliver aerial mapping with real world precision of 1-2cm and GSD of just 8mm!

aerial contour mapping of development site


Fast, accurate road reserve and right of way corridor mapping - BIM and CAD ready - PPK GNSS precision

aerial contour mapping of development site


Precision aerial contour and DEM mapping to support the development application and environmental assessments

aerial photo of Brisbane River environment


Aerial imagery and mapping to support detailed, accurate environmental assessments, and erosion mitigation planning

photo of farmers at NDVI crop health mapping demonstration


Aerial mapping to identify crop health issues, map farm infrastructure and support drainage and dam planning

aerial contour map of rural development site


Precision data to support material change of use, including terrain, soil, water and vegetation assessments

aerial contour map of rural development site


Multispectral crop and plantation imaging to determine tree health, yield potential and more using RedEdge sensing

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Queensland Drones specialises in precision aerial mapping for agronomists, engineers, surveyors, developers, building designers and other commercial organisations. We utilise leading edge multi-constellation GNSS-equipped (PPK) UAVs to deliver centimetre level precision mapping in RGB colour, NIR for NDVI and Multispectral for Red Edge detection. We are CASA-Certified, fully insured and operate within a strong safety management framework that can be integrated into your site safety frameworks.

Covid-19: Queensland Drones is still providing limited aerial mapping and aerial survey services during the Coronavirus lockdown period. We have established that we are still able to travel in Queensland and NSW to deliver our aerial imaging services, but we are minimising client meetings and other personal contact in the spirit of social distancing. We believe that aerial inspection, mapping and survey services will hold an even greater value during these difficult times, minimising the need for teams to go out to sites to obtain data. Please call us on 0439 383202 to discuss your aerial inspection and survey requirements.

Our focus is on delivering fast and accurate aerial imaging, backed by precision GPS data, that can be integrated into your CAD, BIM or Farm Management systems or delivered as ready-to-use collateral like TIF files, KMZ files, point clouds, mesh, breakline vectors, triangulated networks, contour maps, infrastructure maps, linear and volume measurements, cross-section profiles, change profiles, hydrological analyses and drainage mapping.

We can combine aerial photogrammetry and Lidar data to provide amazing insights into the physical environment. We can also re-level government Lidar data (captured using light aircraft) using precision survey mapping techniques to transform it into precision mapping data for pre-engineering design purposes. Using this technique we can achieve real world topography precision of 5-10 cm from 1m Lidar data.

Queensland Drones can deliver precision aerial mapping for construction and development using the ultra-precise Wingtra One PPK UAV designed and built in Switzerland together with a 42 MP precision mapping camera and ground control data to deliver real world accuracy of 1-2 cm even over large sites.

We use the amazing Hovermap Lidar sensor designed and developed in Australia by the CSIRO to deliver precision, highly detailed Lidar point cloud mapping of underground mining tunnels, excavations, undersides of bridges, railway tunnels and road tunnels as well as precise measurable vegetation mapping of rail corridors, pipeline right of way corridors and high voltage power distribution corridors.

Our precision Multispectral Crop Mapping Services for Agronomists provide detailed multispectral analysis of crops and orchards to assist in prediction of harvest readiness and potential yield, identification of issues requiring attention, emergence data for new crops and rapid identification of pests and diseases in crops.

Our clients are primarily in construction and development, environmental management, land management, commercial real estate and rural industries. Scroll down to see more about the skills and experience that make us your ideal aerial imaging partner.

Contact us for an obligation free quote or to discuss your requirements.

Our core services include:

We have trusted UAV operators who can also provide general real estate photography, aerial photography and aerial videos, 360 degree photography and specialised drone photography throughout most parts of Australia. Give us a call on 0439 383 202 to find out more.