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Queensland Drones is a long-established and proven commercial drone service provider, with broad experience across a range of aerial imaging services. Our clients are typically engineers, surveyors, developers, agronomists, environmental managers, building designers, project managers and other professionals.

We specialise in precision aerial mapping, aerial surveys, aerial asset inspection and agricultural/environmental drone mapping, but we also deliver high quality aerial photography and aerial video for our clients.

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland. Most of our commercial drone services projects are in Queensland and NSW, but we also travel more widely where our clients need a trusted drone operator in other states or even overseas, when travel permits. We also maintain a network of trusted professional UAV pilots Australia-wide to call on when required.

We fly enterprise-grade drones designed for purpose, including PPK-enabled mapping drones, video drones with cameras up to 4K/60 FPS and 30X optical zoom, multispectral sensors for agriculture and environmental mapping, thermal sensors for heat mapping, Lidar sensors and more. We do our own internal image processing, so your sensitive data is never sent or stored outside Australia without your permission.

Queensland Drones – Our Services

Our commercial drone services include:

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Why You Should Be Using Queensland Drones

Please take a moment to see why Queensland Drones should be your preferred commercial drone services partner.

  • We are very experienced at what we do, and we don’t promise what we cannot deliver.
  • We are CASA-Certified, fully insured and operate a strong safety management framework that can be integrated into your site safety and farm biosecurity frameworks.
  • We come from a business consulting background, so we take the time to listen to our clients and understand their business requirements so we can deliver a package designed to meet their specific needs.
  • We operate a state-of-the-art UAV fleet.
  • We partner with some of the largest and most experienced UAV companies in the world to deliver their services in Australia.
  • We strive for precision results every time. We can work with your surveyor, or ours, to deliver data for engineering and cadastral purposes.
  • We don’t send imagery out for processing. We have our own team of GIS specialists who process our data right here in Brisbane.
  • We deliver the data you need, ready to consume in your CAD, BIM or Farm Management systems.
  • We are faster, cheaper and in many cases better than traditional ground survey providers.

It makes good business sense to consider our aerial survey mapping and aerial asset inspection options.

Queensland Drones can deliver precision aerial mapping for construction and development, even over very large areas at 1-3cm/pixel ground resolution and 3-6cm geographic precision – try doing that with a light aircraft!

Our Multispectral Vegetation Mapping Services provide detailed multispectral analysis of crops and orchards to help predict harvest readiness and potential yield, prioritise emerging issues, verify new plantings and identify (not just detect) pests and diseases in crops and fields. We can also provide multispectral mapping of infrastructure corridors and right of way corridors to determine vegetation health, over-growth and changes over time.

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