Queensland Drones provides a wide range of aerial photography, aerial mapping and aerial infrastructure modelling to help better visualise and manage large acreage properties and farms in rural and regional areas.

With a combination of precision fixed wing and multicopter UAVs (drones), Queensland Drones can photograph and map even very large acreage properties, providing a single, integrated, high definition orthomosaic photographic view of the property and all of its infrastructure and assets including gates, fences, roads, troughs, dams and more.

If you’re thinking about buying a rural property, talk to us first. We can help you to locate the right soil type and vegetation type for your purposes and provide soils and vegetation analysis to assist you with your development application.

If you’re planning to redevelop rural land or apply for a material change of use, give us a call to talk about how our vegetation analysis, soil analysis, contour mapping and other development support services can help you develop the right information package to support your application.

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Here’s some examples of our recent rural and acreage real estate work…

Views over a rural acreage property near Tamworth in Central NSW

Views over a rural macadamia farm near Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast

Views over an acreage property in the Samford Valley

Views over a winery near Stanthorpe in the Southern Downs

Views over a homestead property near Laidley in the Lockyer Valley

Views over a large macadamia plantation property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland

Queensland Drones also specialises in mapping of large acreage properties and farms using specialised mapping software and high resolution drone photography.

aerial surveys for farms and rural real estate

An aerial othophoto of a 400 acre macadamia farm on the Sunshine Coast

There are lots of rural property applications for precision aerial drone photography. Here are a few examples of what can be achieved using our DJI Phantom 4 Professional or Ag Eagle fixed wing UAV and some clever mapping software.

This orthophoto of a 200 acre dairy farm shows farm infrastructure and available fodder resources

Our mapping software can create digital elevation models and  contour maps showing water flows to assist in the placement of dams and irrigation systems.

agriculture drone services

Contour mapping is a great way to visualise water flows and possible erosion areas on your farm

Our software can also calculate the amount of fill or cut required to level an area and the linear measurements of various parts of the farm for planning fences and other infrastructure. This is very useful for preliminary costing of site quantities for tendering.

Estimating the volume of material required to cut or fill an uneven area in a property

Our software can also convert flat images into 3D models for better visualisation of farm and property infrastructure and assets.

Orthophotos can also be converted to 3D models that can be viewed from any angle or distance

These are just a few examples of the outputs available from our aerial imaging services. Please let me know what you think of this imagery and how you could see it being used in your projects.

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