Contour Mapping, Volume Estimation and Compliance Monitoring

Queensland Drones works with builders, project managers, engineers and surveyors to enhance the project management workflow of major construction projects by providing aerial intelligence in the form of high resolution aerial photography, high definition aerial video and a range of aerial mapping services.

Aerial photography, aerial video and drone-based mapping has changed the face of construction site management, providing views and data which would have previously been too difficult or too expensive, or simply impossible to obtain.

Our building and construction clients benefit from a fast and cost-effective way to better understand how infrastructure is deployed across the building site, how much material is being excavated and removed from site and how much remains to be moved, how construction is progressing and how earthworks are meeting project compliance requirements.

Our aerial imaging services for the construction sector include:

  • 0.25m, 0.5m and 1m interval precision contour mapping of the site before, during and after construction.
  • Precision drainage and water flow modelling based on digital surface models.
  • Digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs) to inform design and compliance systems.
  • 3D models to help validate earthworks against approved site plans and inform contractor payments
  • Progress photography to enhance reporting to project executives and stakeholders.

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