Aerial Contour Mapping and Topographic Surveys

Queensland Drones works with land owners and property developers to streamline the Development Application (DA) process through the use of high-resolution aerial imagery, aerial elevation mapping and topographical contour mapping.

Aerial imaging and mapping has changed the face of property development, providing views and data which would have previously been too difficult or too expensive, or were simply not possible.

Our property development clients benefit from a fast and cost-effective way to better understand what the land can offer to construction, where critical infrastructure can best be located and even how to best market the vision of the site to potential buyers.

Our services for developers include:

  • 1m and 5m interval contour mapping for heavily vegetated sites to ensure compliance with Queensland Government regulations for preservation of native tree species and to support initial planning of access routes and selection of building sites.
  • 0.25m and 0.5m contour mapping of bare earth sites and sites with less than 70% tree cover or vegetation cover, to inform planning and design.
  • Accurate vegetation mapping using high-resolution aerial imagery to support on-ground analysis by a botanist as required.
  • Line of sight analyses from key access points to inform selection of building locations and heights, including projected views.
  • Accurate identification of boundary points and nodes using GNSS survey equipment.
  • Panoramic photography to assist in developing property marketing assets.
  • Drainage and water flow analysis based on digital surface modelling.

Contact us for more information about our services for developers, or read more about our Construction Site Contour Mapping service.