Latest VTOL UAV technology used by Queensland Drones

Thanks to the ultra-precise characteristics of the Wingtra One PPK UAV, Queensland Drones can now deliver precision construction and engineering mapping outputs with GSD of just 7mm and real world accuracy of as little as 1cm! This is an unprecedented, game changing technology for engineering and construction mapping.

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Precision Aerial Orthographic Mapping

large scale precision map created using Wingtra One PPK

This large scale map shows the detail available from precision aerial mapping using the Wingtra One PPK UAV used by Queensland Drones.

The ability to closely follow terrain contours and tag every single photo with precision PPK location data means the Wingtra One PPK UAV used by Queensland Drones can capture incredibly detailed and precise orthographic imagery even over very large areas.

Precision Digital Surface Model Mapping

Digital Surface Model from Wingtra One PPK UAV data

Using the Wingtra One PPK UAV, Queensland Drones can create incredibly detailed and precise orthomosaic imagery and deliver equivalently precise and detailed Digital Surface Models (DSMs) to represent the terrain of the captured area with vegetation removed. Use the slider in the image above to compare the orthomosaic and DSM mapping results.

Precision Mining and Quarry Mapping

Digital 3D terrain model captured using Wingtra One PPK

This 3D elevation surface model was captured using the Wingtra One PPK UAV in a mine site.

For mining and quarry mapping, the Wingtra One PPK can deliver incredibly detailed 3D digital models of the terrain including detailed imagery inside the open pit and the ability to precisely measure features like face heights and slopes. Queensland Drones can collect and deliver this detail up to 13 times faster than conventional methods and with minimal disruption to mine operations.

Multispectral map of tree plantation using Wingtra

Imagery captured using the Wingtra One PPK UAV is revolutionising visual and spectral analysis of large farms and plantations. The images above show a detailed orthographic view of a large plantation, with corresponding multispectral analysis of the relative health of each part of the plantation using a multispectral RedEdge sensor. Move the slider left and right to see the comparison between the two maps. Queensland Drones can deliver detailed analysis for NDVI, Red Edge, Green NDVI, Blue NDVI, Red NDVI and more.

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