Project Progress Tracking, Risk and Compliance Monitoring

Queensland Drones works with builders, civil construction contractors, engineers, project managers and project collaborators to provide regular, high resolution aerial photography of construction sites in progress. Our construction site progress photography is captured using high-resolution 20 MP colour images to capture critical views of the site at each stage of the construction process.

Queensland Drones is a CASA-certified drone operator with $20 million public liability insurance and a well-developed site safety management model to ensure your aerial progress photography is conducted safely, in compliance with local and federal regulations and with minimum disruption to site activities.

Aerial progress tracking photography is rapidly becoming the standard for medium-large construction projects and both clients and project stakeholders are now coming to expect high-quality aerial images and video as part of the construction reporting process.

Our building and construction industry clients know that regular aerial imaging of their building sites provides valuable evidence to help settle conflicts with contractors, minimise the delays caused by site issues, closely monitor compliance requirements and keep all development stakeholders fully informed.

In progress contour mapping of a construction site ensures critical site boundary levels are maintained through extensive excavation works

Our drone services for builders and project managers include:

  • Pre-construction contour and elevation mapping to accurately inform design and engineering processes.
  • Regular aerial photography and video during construction to capture progress and change on the site.
  • Regular orthographic imaging and topographical mapping of the site during construction to quickly identify resource management issues, emerging risks and ensure compliance with excavation plans and environmental approvals.
  • Detail photography and video of specific site activities such as concrete pours and crane operations.
  • Rapid access to all imagery, maps and videos through our client Cloud service.

Queensland Drones provides a fast, flexible and professional aerial photography service for construction and development clients, delivering the services you need when and where you need them. We are continually developing new and innovative world-class services to keep our design and architectural clients at the forefront of industry trends.

Contact us for more information about our aerial progress tracking photography services for builders and project managers, or read more about our Construction and Development Photography services.