Precision aerial topographic mapping using drones

Contour mapping (also known as elevation mapping topographical mapping) is part of the typical pre-construction planning kit for surveyors, engineers, building designers and construction managers who need to know the precise characteristics of a site before they plan what and how to build on the site. Find out more about the full range of services we provide for construction and development.

0.25m and 0.5m precision contours of a greenfield development site using aerial mapping and surveyed ground control points

Our aerial contour mapping service

Queensland Drones provides precision contour maps at intervals of 1m, 0.5m or 0.25m with centimetre accuracy even on steep and moderately vegetated sites.

These contour maps can be delivered as large format PDF files for printing, georeferenced KMZ or ESRI SHP files to load as layers into Google Earth or GIS systems and overlaid with other data, DXF files with XYZ coordinates for import into Autocad and other design packages, or LAS/OBJ point cloud, mesh and TIN files for CAD and BIM systems.

As well as building and development design inputs, our aerial contour maps can be used to identify the best location for a building site, plan the route for a driveway or access road to the building site, visualise water flows to locate the best site for a dam and many other applications.

Contour maps can be developed from aerial orthogrammetry (images captured using a drone and stitched to create a 3D model of the land), or from Lidar data if available in your area (Lidar data is available across most of South-East Qld and Northern NSW). We can also combine Lidar and orthographic imaging for even better results.

We can work independently or in close collaboration with your surveyor, engineer or building designer. We are not surveyors, but our precision UAV mapping workflows ensure that architects, engineers, developers, surveyors and builders can use our drone mapping survey outputs to reduce both the time and cost of collecting accurate high-resolution data for large sites.

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