Site Mapping, Volume Estimation and Project Photography

Queensland Drones is a professional, CASA-Certified UAV operator providing a range of high quality site mapping, progress tracking and project marketing services for construction sites and development sites. Our site services include:

– Pre-DA site photography and orthographic modelling
– Contour modelling and 3D site modelling (0.25m contours at 0.15/0.3 cm XY/Z precision)
– Cut/fill volume estimations
– Site preparation progress mapping and estimates of site volumes relocated
– Pre-build marketing photography to show projected views from each apartment
– Progress photography during the build to assist reporting to your Melbourne clients
– As built photography and video of the finished project.
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Site planning and pre-development services

Queensland Drones aerial services can be used well before the commencement of a construction project, to provide accurate and timely information to support planning processes, environmental impact assessments and engineering reports.

We can provide high-definition aerial imaging of the proposed development site and its context in the current physical environment, even for very large development sites.

Aerial photo of proposed development site at Laidley, Qld

We can provide virtual bare earth contour mapping of the proposed site with contour intervals of 0.25m, 0.5m or 1m with a precision of 0.15m horizontal and 0.30m vertical to inform engineering planning, earthworks planning and building design. This can be done even on relatively heavily vegetated sites, usually at a much less than the cost of traditional survey methods and in just a few days.

1m interval topographical contour map of a proposed development site in South East Qld

We can also provide a high-resolution point cloud model of the site together with a Digital Elevation Model, Digital Terrain Model and/or Digital Surface Model to suit your specific engineering and design requirements.

High resolution point cloud, DEM and DSM can be imported into your design systems

For greenfield development sites, Queensland Drones can provide a complete development insights package consisting of regional and local soils analysis, local and historic vegetation analysis, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and precision contour mapping, Where required, we can even provide electromagnetic (EM) soil zone mapping to assist with planning for engineering works and foundations. Combined with traditional soil testing techniques using core sampling, this service provides a detailed map of the boundaries of each soil type zone across a development site.

For your project design team and your project marketing team, we can provide aerial modelling of views from the proposed development which can be incorporated into marketing collateral, websites or used as CAD background images in building design.

Aerial imagery can model the views from any part of a proposed development

We can tailor these panoramic views to specific directions and vistas, as well as capturing identical views at each level of a building. Selling apartments off the plan was never easier than this.

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Site Construction and Project Management Services

Once development of the site commences and as construction gets underway, Queensland Drones can provide a range of in-progress services to assist and enhance your traditional project management and project reporting activities.

When the development site is terra-formed and prior to commencement of construction, we can provide accurate and precise contour modelling, digital elevation modelling and point cloud modelling to validate earthworks against engineering design specifications and development application parameters.

Precision contour model of development site with ground control points

These models can be delivered as precision contours with or without break lines, as precision 3D point clouds and as DEM, DSM or DTM models according to your project needs.

During site excavation, we can provide precision contour mapping to ensure excavations are progressing as per engineering specifications and are not breaching development application parameters.

In progress contour mapping of a construction site

Our in progress site mapping can show areas where excavations are potentially breaching development approval requirements and can also act as a model for calculating volumes of material removed from the site to validate contractor payments.

Orthographic images captured during in progress surveys can identify potential site hazards, workplace health and safety issues and location of unused equipment or construction debris that represent a potential size issue.

We can also provide real-time site services to provide aerial video of specific construction activities including difficult and complex crane operations and concrete pouring at elevated levels.

Queensland Drones can provide regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly site progress photography and videos to keep your remote stakeholders fully informed of site progress and assist in project reporting.

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Site Completion and Project Marketing Services

When the project is completed, Queensland Drones can provide as-built photography to validate the final construction and finishes against engineering and design specifications, and high quality project marketing collateral or images for reporting project completion to your stakeholders.

As-built aerial photography provides stakeholders with a record of the completed development

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