Aerial drone photography of Brisbane CBD

Make Your Project Shine with Stunning Aerial Imagery

Aerial photography can show off your construction or development project or activity better than any ground photography, but the traditional ways to get aerial photographs and video, using helicopters, cranes or scissor lifts, are so expensive and time-consuming to organise. They can also put site safety at risk and disrupt other site activities.

Drone photography has opened up a whole new opportunity for stunning aerial photography on construction and development sites that’s fast, cost-effective and often much more innovative than traditional alternatives.

Queensland Drones regularly works with project developers, building designers, construction project managers and architects to deliver amazing aerial photography and aerial video of major projects before, during and after construction.

Projected property views using drones

Projected views from the 10th floor of a Sunshine Coast development

Before construction, our Pre-Construction Projected Views package can simulate the precise views that will be available from each balcony or window on each floor of a proposed development. These panoramic vistas, captured at precise eye levels for each floor using GPS and laser measurement, can be imported into design packages as background views for 3D building models and interior design models, used for sales and marketing of the property or even as part of the presentation to prospective investors.

We’ve even seen occasions where our projected views have caused building designers to radically alter their preliminary plans to take better advantage of the real potential of a site.

3D aerial model of construction site

Georeferenced 3D model of a construction site with precision ground control points

During construction, our Construction Progress Photography package can capture weekly, fortnightly or monthly progress on the construction project from precisely the same positions and altitudes, allowing you to keep a permanent record of activity on the site and keep remote investors and stakeholders fully informed at all times.

We can operate wholly within your existing site safety requirements and we operate our own comprehensive job safety assessment system to minimise any risk to your staff or passers-by. We are fully CASA-certified and carry $20m in public liability insurance for your protection.

We can also provide precise aerial elevation mapping during construction to ensure projects remain within environmental and flood planning guidelines during major earthworks. We can even calculate the volumes of material introduced to and removed from the site on a periodic basis to validate contractor costs.

Architectural aerial photography provides stakeholders with a record of the completed works

After construction, our Project Marketing Photography package can capture the completed project in its built environment, displaying how it sits with surrounding buildings and the amenity of the project. It’s a great tool for architectural portfolios, design portfolios and project sales websites.

Your investment in Aerial Project Photography can pay large dividends if you find yourself in dispute with project partners, contractors or sub-contractors, or where you are challenged on your compliance with development guidelines and regulations, as you will have hard evidence of the precise situation to present.

In one case, we were able to save one of our clients thousands of dollars by providing the means to continue their design process uninterrupted while resolving a major environmental issue which prevented development staff from entering the site for over a month.

If you would like to discuss how our construction and development photography and survey services can help your next project, give us a call now or request a call back using the buttons below.