Aerial drone photography of Brisbane CBD

Affordable and Professional Aerial Photos and Aerial Videos

Get magazine quality aerial photos and aerial panoramas of your home, business, property, event or activity. We are media professionals from a media photography and journalism background and we fly only premium quality drones to capture extremely high definition photos (20 megapixel minimum, 5472 x 3078 pixel) from virtually any perspective, together with crisp, high colour, HD (2.7k) or UHD (4k) aerial video.

Trust Queensland Drones to capture the crispest, clearest aerial photos of your products, your services, your properties or your events. Our CASA-certified and fully insured UAV pilots will deliver the most stunning high-resolution images you’ve ever seen, suitable for print or digital media and for printing even to billboard size.

We understand business. We’ve been in business for decades, so we know the challenges businesses face. Simply tell us your business objectives and we’ll help you design the right aerial photography goals for your project. Or we can work with your photographer or creative director to integrate with other marketing photography.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Aerial rural real estate photography

Views over a rural macadamia farm near Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast

Aerial photography has been used for decades to promote the sale and leasing of commercial property. But helicopter and light aircraft aerial photography is expensive and almost always a bit too distant to really show off your property.

Queensland Drones delivers stunning, close-up or broad area photography to truly show off the features, benefits and location of your commercial property. Drone aerial photography is also much cheaper than helicopter or light aircraft aerial photography, which makes it not just the best option but also the most affordable option.

Prestige and Acreage Residential Real Estate Photography

Don’t settle for less than the best showcase photography for your prestige or acreage property. Just tell us what shots you need and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even provide a fully edited video of your property at a small additional cost.

We use only commercial quality drones (UAVs) with high-resolution cameras capable of producing 20 megapixel photos and 4K UHD cinematic video. Our photos and videos are sure to turn heads and attract quality buyers at premium prices.

Construction and Project Photography

As-built aerial photography provides stakeholders with a record of the completed works

Ground-based traditional photography often doesn’t do justice to complex construction projects and development sites. To capture the imagery prospective buyers or tenants really want to see before committing to your property, you need head-turn eye-popping aerial photos and video.

We can showcase your property in the context of its locality, its neighbourhood and the local infrastructure that makes it so special. Our panoramic aerial photography can represent accurate views from every window and balcony on every floor.

Our regular construction package can track the progress of construction from beginning to completion with both still photos and video. We can even highlight change from week to week.

Nationwide Service

Just because we’re called Queensland Drones does not mean we only deliver our services in Queensland. We have a national network of trusted professional drone operators who undertake work at our direction and we process all their photographs to ensure the best and most consistent possible results for our clients, regardless of the location.

No matter where your property, project or event is located, you can be assured of consistency and reliability for every aerial photographic project by choosing Queensland Drones. Trust our professional approach and mature job assessment system to ensure you have an experienced, CASA-certified UAV operator for every job, from Cairns to Collingwood, from Perth to Paramatta, or anywhere in between.

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