Aerial Marketing Photos, Contour Maps, Soil and Vegetation Analysis

When you’re considering a major property development investment, you need hard data to inform your design and decision-making processes, to back up your development application proposals, or even just to choose the right parcel of land to develop. Queensland Drones provides a range of specialised aerial imaging services and analysis services to support the property development workflow, commencing well before the development application and progressing through the entire development life cycle if required.

We work with developers, surveyors, engineers, planners and other development professionals to provide the evidence required to ensure accurate, timely and informed planning and documentation for major development projects.

Precision contour model of development site with ground control points

Our services for property development include:

  • Aerial photos and videos: Capturing the proposed site from critical aspects and elevations to assist project marketing and identify key development zones and capturing the likely views from various parts of the site to assist in planning.
  • Mapping and surveying: Providing cost-effective topographical, contour and elevation mapping of greenfield sites to inform the design process, environmental considerations, building location planning, road and access planning and more. We work with your surveyors and engineers to ensure the accuracy of our mapping and we can provide point cloud data, DEMs, contours and cross-section analyses to integrate into your design and planning systems.
  • Soil characteristics analysis: Enhancing traditional soil testing practices by providing detail mapping of soil type boundaries across a proposed development site at both surface and sub-surface levels to inform site stability works and excavation works.
  • Vegetation analysis: Detail analysis of site vegetation to identify species and habitats which may need to be accounted for in development applications and environmental management reports.
  • Viewshed, aspect and line of sight analysis: We can analyse direct line of sight views for good communication installations. Aspect analysis allows you to optimise building location and design.  We can also generate model views (viewshed analysis) from any location including proposed multi-storey developments to identify the most marketable levels and aspects of a development.
  • Drainage analysis: We can analyse the elevation data to identify catchments (at any scale large or small), stream lines and drainage patterns on a development or large acreage property.
  • Volumetric analysis: Analysing DEMS from stereo point clouds allows us to  calculate cut and fill volumes for earthworks across the site. Analysing progressive DEMs allows us to calculate volumes of soil or materials moved into and out of the site over time.
  • Progress monitoring: Capturing all aspects of the development cycle once construction commences – see our Services for Builders and Project Managers for more information.

Queensland Drones provides a fast, flexible and professional aerial photography service for construction and development clients, delivering the services you need when and where you need them. We are continually developing new and innovative world-class services to keep our construction and development clients at the forefront of industry trends.

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