Aerial drone photography of Brisbane CBD

Capturing Projected Views and Architectural Photography

Queensland Drones works with building designers, architects, developers and project marketers to accurately capture the projected views from buildings in the pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages. Our projected views and architectural aerial photos are captured in high-resolution 20MP photographs using bracketed HDR (high dynamic range) techniques and raw image formats to maximise the impact of the projected views from any location.

Aerial photography captured by drones is quickly becoming a critical part of the process to represent the built environment. We are increasingly working with architects, building designers, engineers and other construction industry professionals to capture aerial imagery before, during and after a construction project, providing new perspectives on the possibilities available from the site, it’s location and its environment.


Our aerial photography services for architects and building designers include:

  • Before construction starts: Creating a detailed multi-dimensional picture of the the proposed development site including accurate aerial survey data and high resolution point clouds which can be imported into CAD and other BIM systems. These services support the development application process and help design professionals to develop better feasibility reports and far superior client presentations.
  • During construction: Providing regular flights over the development site to capture construction progress, which can be made available quickly and efficiently via the Cloud to designers, architects and project collaborators. These services allow design and engineering teams to keep a close eye on construction progress by contractors, reduce on-site risks, monitor compliance with development approvals and even provide critical evidence in the event of disputes or litigation.
  • After construction: Capturing the built environment including not just the completed building but also how the building integrates into the local environment. This can include standard aerial photography, panoramic aerial photography and stunning high-definition aerial video. These services support the marketing team but can also help to monitor the in-use performance of a project and support any post-construction environmental assessments.

While some design and construction firms are experimenting with in-house aerial photography, our clients find this is a distraction to their core business. Using the skills of a professional aerial imaging provider like Queensland Drones, who specialise in construction and development services, means you will have lower up-front costs, less risk of losing trained staff to poaching by large UAV operators, and less exposure to legal risks from improper use of drones (a single breach of CASA rules could cost more than $9000 in fines).

We recently worked with an interstate property developer to project the views available from each of 10 levels and from four tower locations for a planned high-rise residential development on the Sunshine Coast, creating wide-format high-resolution panoramic views to be embedded into the project marketing website. Each view precisely represented the view shed for a person standing on the balcony of specific floor in a specific tower.

aerial project photography

Projected panoramic beach views from a 10th floor unit of a proposed development

We recently worked with a building designer in Brisbane to create background views to be embedded into the AutoCAD design design models for a planned site redevelopment in an inner Brisbane suburb. Using these images, 3D rendered models of the proposed redevelopment were enhanced with actual panoramic views from each window.

We also capture “as built” photography of completed projects, using advanced post-processing skills to remove the perspective distortion so common in aerial photography and creating compelling post-construction imagery that’s so real you feel like you could just step inside and experience it from the photos.

Aerial photography of completed construction project

Built environment aerial photography provides stakeholders with a record of the completed works

Queensland Drones provides a fast, flexible and professional aerial photography service for construction and development clients, delivering the services you need when and where you need them. We are continually developing new and innovative world-class services to keep our design and architectural clients at the forefront of industry trends.

To find out more about how our Aerial Mapping Services for Construction Sites can help you to better achieve your asset management outcomes, call us on our toll-free number below or use one of the links to request a callback or a quote, usually within one working day.