VTOL UAV designed to work in tight situations

At last, a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Fixed Wing UAV designed for aerial mapping professionals that addresses the typical challenges of large area mapping and won’t break the bank!

Our Elipse PPK VTOL UAV delivers centimetre mapping precision over 1000s of acres per day and can be launched or recovered easily in even the most cramped conditions. The Elipse VTOL UAV helps serious aerial mapping professionals fly precision mapping missions from tight launch/landing areas, dramatically increasing the area you can map in a single flight and reducing the time required to set up and fly each mission, while delivering best in class durability and performance.

  • Easy to transport to and from work sites
  • Easy to set up and launch even in tight spaces
  • Fully automated mapping flights
  • Comprehensive mission planning software
  • Optional 36MP mapping camera
  • Optional PPK precision (2-3cm accuracy)
  • Cover 1000s of acres per day
  • Designed and built by mapping professionals

If you’re a serious aerial mapping professional, this is the workhorse drone you’ve been looking for that will let you fly when and where the others won’t, and with PPK precision.

Need something larger with more coverage per flight and able to handle very high wind zones? Check out our Fixed Wing UAV with Optional PPK.

Please contact Queensland Drones using the links below to find out more about how the Elipse VTOL Fixed Wing UAV can benefit your survey mapping workflow, or complete the simple form below.

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