VTOL UAV designed to work in tight situations

80 minute flight timeAndroid flight planning36 MP mapping cameraAccurate Geo Tagging

At last, a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Fixed Wing UAV designed for aerial mapping professionals that addresses the typical challenges of large area mapping and won’t break the bank!

Our Elipse PPK VTOL UAV delivers centimetre mapping precision over 1000s of acres per day and can be launched or recovered easily in even the most cramped conditions. The Elipse VTOL UAV helps serious aerial mapping professionals fly precision mapping missions from tight launch/landing areas, dramatically increasing the area you can map in a single flight and reducing the time required to set up and fly each mission, while delivering best in class durability and performance.

  • Easy to transport to and from work sites
  • Easy to set up and launch even in tight spaces
  • Fully automated mapping flights
  • Comprehensive mission planning software
  • 36MP or 24 MP mapping camera
  • PPK precision (2-3cm accuracy)
  • Cover 1000s of acres per day
  • Customised by mapping professionals for ideal performance

Interchangeable payloads allow for cross-industry and cross-project flexibility. We can supply a range of Elipse payloads including:

  • 36 MP mapping camera
  • 24 MP mapping camera
  • Sequoia Multispectral camera
  • Altum Thermal camera
  • FLIR Vue Pro

If required, we can configure the Elipse VTOL for EVLOS and BVLOS mission capabilities with FPV long range camera, 8KM radio range and ADS-B identification. This is truly an enterprise-grade mapping UAV.

If you’re a serious aerial mapping professional, this is the workhorse drone you’ve been looking for.

BAAM Tech includes flight planning app with your purchase. It can be used on Android, or PC and can connected via Bluetooth. Flight planning is very simple with easy to use advanced features like corridor (linear) mapping projects, grid survey patterns, terrain following missions and more. The software allows for in-flight mission changes and flight planning changes. So if a mission is not what you expected you can simply change the mission in the air. This also allows for landing at a site other than take-off to facilitate battery change on long corridor missions.

With the combination of the BAAM Tech PPK and either the 36mp camera or 24mp camera, the Elipse is an aerial mapping machine. It supports very small GSD with high accuracy GPS to ensure accurate data, creating one of the best PPK mapping drones on the market today. The BAAM Tech PPK system uses GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b and SBAS GPS satellite constellations, allowing for acquisition times of around a minute and extremely reliable data. The PPK system can be used with any high-quality GPS base that is at least L1 L2 and Glonass that can run a 1 second static observation. Or we can supply a matching BAAM Tech PPK base station.

Need an enterprise grade multi-rotor UAV with 36 MP mapping camera and optional PPK precision? Check out our Alta Multicopter UAV.

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