BAAM Tech PPK system with the M200 or M210 UAV for best in class mapping accuracy and flight time

DJI’s M200 and M210 industrial UAVs are professional grade multirotor systems, but even with RTK they lack the precision location tagging required for professional aerial mapping.

Now BAAM Tech has introduced a PPK system for the DJI M200 and M210 UAVs which offers much more reliable location data than RTK as it does not need a radio link, and can be interchanged with other cameras on the M200 and M210.

The aircraft allows for multiple sensors to be added to the system, while maintaining high level water resistance, high wind capacity and long flight time.

The BAAM Tech PPK is directly connected to the shutter of the camera and is calibrated to ensure the geotags are of the highest quality. Each system is provided with BAAM Tech’s easy to use post processing software that will make the corrections between the base and the aircraft and directly geotag the images.

The PPK rover module slides in and out of the aircraft easily allowing the rover module to also be used with a Rover Housing to collect precision ground control or check points, then can slide back into the aircraft for mapping flights. This significantly reduces the cost of precision mapping and allows one system to be used for all field work. Use your own RTK or PPK base station, or we can supply a matching BAAM Tech PPK Base.

Available for retrofitting to your existing X4S or X7 camera, or we can supply a new X7 camera with the PPK integration pre-installed. No need to send your drone away. Easily removed when you want to fly normal photography or video missions. No permanent modifications to your aircraft.

To find out more about getting PPK GPS precision added to your DJI M200 or M210 fleet, contact Queensland Drones using the links below or complete our simple quote request form.

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