Cost-effective, high accuracy system for ground control points and UAVs

Setting accurate ground control points can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming unless you choose the right tools. With the BAAM Tech GNSS PPK Base and Rover, it’s a fast, simple and reliable workflow with no ongoing subscription costs.

We are mapping specialists and we chose the BAAM Tech system for our own mapping operations because it was designed by mapping specialists.

BAAM Tech PPK offers one of the simplest and most streamlined workflows we’ve seen in PPK or RTK options currently available. It also allows us to use the same PPK rover module for setting ground control points (GCPs) and in our drones for aerial PPK image positioning.

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It doesn’t get easier than this …

Our precision mapping workflow, which used to take hours when we relied totally on ground control points, now looks like this:

Step 1: Power up the PPK Base unit on a tribrach or tripod anywhere in or near the mapping perimeter.

Step 2: Power up the PPK Rover unit on a survey pole and give it about 1-2 minutes to obtain a solid satellite fix.

Step 3: Drop GCP targets in each corner of the site and one in the middle. As we drop them, we click the trigger on the Rover pole and a white light confirms the location has been precisely captured.

Step 4: Move the PPK Rover module from the pole into the UAV and execute our mission plan as normal. No risks of radio communication interference and no complicated setups.

Step 5: Copy the data from the Base and Rover USB drives and the UAV SD card into a project file, point the BAAM Tech PPK Post-Processing tool at the project folders and let it do the work, including updating all our images with precise PPK GPS locations automatically.

That’s it! 2-3 cm precision from 5 GCPs, all using a single RTK GNSS system. We don’t think the GCPs are even that critical, we mainly only use them as checkpoints in processing now to test the image location precision.

Want to know what’s inside?

For the technical types, this a multi-constellation GNSS PPK Base and Rover system that uses GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b and SBAS satellite systems for super-fast data acquisition times and reliable positioning, along with OPUS to establish the precise location of the base unit. This allows the base to be set up anywhere and its precise position to be identified in post-processing.

If you would like to discuss purchasing the BAAM Tech PPK Base and Rover either as a ground control GPS kit or as a ground-air PPK package, please contact us using the links below or complete our simple enquiry form below.

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