Fixed wing drones designed to work in challenging environments

At last, a fixed wing UAV designed for aerial mapping professionals that effectively addresses the typical challenges of large area mapping! The Futura Fixed Wing has been designed from the ground up to provide true survey-grade mapping data, even in the most challenging conditions.

    • Easy to transport to and from work sites
    • Easy to set up and launch by hand
    • Fully automated mapping flights
    • Comprehensive mission planning software
    • 35MP DSLR mapping camera
    • PPK precision (2-3cm accuracy)
    • Simple post-processing software included
    • Up to 1000 acres coverage per flight
    • Fly in winds of up to 40 mph (60 km/h)
    • Land in just 25 metres of open space

While other fixed wing UAVs need complicated bungee launchers and long runway landings, the Futura Fixed Wing can be easily and safely hand-launched and can land safely in very tight areas, even when surrounded by trees or near power lines.

Where other fixed wing UAVs start to rock and suffer image blur in winds above 20 km/h, the Futura Fixed Wing is so stable and reliable it can keep flying in winds up to 60 km/h and still capture blur-free images.

If you’re a serious aerial mapping professional, this is the workhorse drone you’ve been looking for that will let you fly when and where the others won’t, and with PPK precision.

See for yourself how this remarkable fixed wing drone is revolutionising professional UAV mapping workflow.

Please contact Queensland Drones using the links below to find out more about how the Futura Fixed Wing UAV can benefit your survey mapping workflow.