Fixed wing drones designed to work in challenging environments

Futura Fixed Wing is the only drone designed by mapping experts for serious mapping applications. The Futura Fixed Wing was designed from the ground up by US mapping specialists BAAM Tech to provide true survey-grade mapping data, even in the most challenging conditions.

Easier to transport and set up, easier to launch, continue working even in strong winds, capture oblique imagery at 42 MP, fly for up to 90 minutes, capture 1000 acres in a single flight, and land in a 25 metre clearing! This UAV is made to work hard.

See for yourself how this remarkable fixed wing drone is revolutionising professional UAV mapping workflows.

The Futura Fixed Wing UAV features:

  • Hand launching – launch from anywhere
  • Steep landing path – only 25 metres required for landing
  • Highly stable – can map in up to 65 km/h winds!
  • Long flight times – up to 1.5 hours per flight
  • Oblique camera mounting – for better mapping imagery
  • Ultra High Resolution images – 42 MP A7Rii camera
  • Light weight and durable – made from composite materials
  • Easily transportable – removable wings and tail
  • Optional PPK High Accuracy GPS

What’s the advantage of Futura Fixed Wing?

If you still haven’t made up your mind that this is the best fixed wing drone for serious mapping projects, consider this.

There are plenty of fixed wing drones in the market today and some of them are very cheap. Most commercial-grade fixed wing drones use a delta wing design and very light-weight materials, but they are far too unstable in windy conditions. The rocking motion they develop in windy conditions stops the camera from collecting reliable imagery and most fixed wings need to be brought down if winds exceed 20 km/h.

Of course there are higher-grade composite fixed wings on the market that are much more stable in higher winds, but most require clumsy bungee launchers and long landing fields which are often impractical in tight locations. These composite fixed wings also use NADIR camera mounts (camera mounted facing down) which can cause low quality 3D models and less detail when mapping areas with trees and vegetation. And even these composite fixed wings struggle to capture good imagery in winds over 30 km/h.

Because the Futura Fixed Wing was designed by professionals with over 100 years of combines mapping experience, it has been built from the ground up for serious mapping tasks.

Oblique Camera

The Futura delivers the best mapping imagery available on market today. This is due in part to its distinctive oblique camera system. While other systems use a downward facing camera to capture data, The Futura uses a 42 MP Sony A7Rii camera mounted at an oblique angle to capture more accurate 3D models. This allows for better vegetation and improvement extraction.

High-Wind Tolerance

The Futura Fixed Wing UAV was built for high wind tolerance, with an aircraft-style design it can collect blur-free mapping imagery in winds of up to 65 km/h.

Hand Launched

Catapult launch systems are heavy, clumsy and difficult to use and transport. The Futura Fixed Wing avoids this problem by using a 2:1 power ratio allowing easy hand launching in almost any conditions.

Short Landing Area

Most fixed wing UAVs require a 3-leg descent and a long final approach area, up to 300m in some cases. The Futura Fixed Wing has been purpose-designed for a steep final approach into a landing area of just 25 metres, allowing it to easily land in tight spaces surrounded by trees. It achieves this without the complexity and extra weight of a VTOL design.

Integrated Software

Listed below is the software BAAM Tech has integrated with the Futura Fixed Wing UAV and the processing packages we use in training and mapping activities:

Futura Ground ControlFlight Plan Creation
PixhawkAutopilot System
Pix4DImage Processing
Global MapperPoint Cloud Editing
Agisoft Photoscan Pro2D & 3D Modelling


Weight5.44 kg
Wing Span195.6 cm
Flight Time90 minutes
CoverageUp to 1000 acres
Cruise Speed67 km/h
Radio Range8 km
Landing Radius25 metres
Fuselage MaterialComposite
Travel Case104 x 33 x 33 cm
PowerInterchangeable Battery


The Futura Fixed Wing UAV one-time purchase cost is USD$12,500 (approx AUD$17,300 at time of publication) plus customs duty, shipping and GST. This purchase cost includes the aircraft, a Sony A7R ii mapping camera, a safety backup controller, battery pack, charger and ground station radio system (all you need to add is a laptop). A hard case for safe shipping and transport is available at an additional USD$800 plus GST.

A comprehensive 3-day on-site training course is available anywhere in Australia or the Asia-Pacific region. We can travel to you and provide your team with comprehensive setup and mission planning training for up to 6 people. The cost of the 3-day training course is AUD$3600 plus travel costs and GST.

Add a high-accuracy PPK GPS system to the Futura Fixed Wing UAV for USD$3500 plus customs duty, shipping and GST. This can be fitted later but will incur additional shipping and installation charges.

Please contact Queensland Drones using the links below to find out more about how the Futura Fixed Wing UAV can benefit your mapping workflow.