Reduces or eliminates the need for ground control points!

The BAAM Tech PPK system is now available for the DJI Inspire 2 to reduce or even eliminate the need for precision ground control. If you’re not familiar with PPK (Post Processed Kinematic), it’s a high accuracy GPS system that simplifies your workflow because all of the precision work is done after the flight, using an online corrections system.

The BAAM.Tech PPK system for the Inspire 2 requires no dealer installation and no permanent modifications to your UAV. All components clip in and out as needed. The PPK system is integrated into a new DJI X5 or X7 camera modified by BAAM Tech.

It’s much easier to use PPK than RTK because you simply plan your flight, start up the aircraft and conduct your mapping flights as you do right now. The PPK system adds locational data which is post-processed after the flight, using the software provided, correcting the location of every image to centimetre precision using either a base station or a CORS network station for corrections.

Mapping professionals have much more flexibility over where the drone is used, how they lay out flight grids and the area which can be mapped in a single mission using PPK than with any other corrections system currently available.

It’s also much easier and faster (up to 75% faster) to get accurate survey data using PPK over traditional ground control points (GCPs) or Aeropoints, so your time can be more productively and efficiently used.

High Accuracy Multi-Constellation GPS

DJI Inspire 2 with BAAM Tech PPK system

While RTK integration options typically use only L1 GNSS data, the BAAM Tech PPK system for the DJI Inspire 2 uses GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2 GPS data, supplemented by BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5B and SBAS constellations.

The use of multiple satellite positioning systems greatly increases the GPS signal quality to provide the most accurate UAV positioning data, especially in “noisy” urban environments.

Accurate Geo-Tagged Images

The BAAM Tech PPK system has overcome one of the biggest limitations of integrating RTK/PPK into the DJI Inspire 2 by connecting directly to the shutter of the DJI camera and calibrating to ensure the geotagging is of the highest quality.

Each PPK system includes BAAM Tech’s easy-to-use post-processing software that will make the required corrections to image positions by calculating the actual location of the UAV when each image was captured, using either a local base or a CORS base station. The corrected data is used to update the EXIF data with precise geo-locations and you can process the imagery as you do now.

One System for Ground and Air

Removable GPS module for DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Because the BAAM Tech PPK system comes with an easily removable module, the same unit can be used as a ground rover to collect GPS data for precision ground control points, before being slid back into the aircraft for PPK precision mapping flights.

This removable modular technology significantly decreases the cost of precision surveying by allowing the same system to do both air and ground position corrections. A base station version is also available for base-rover configurations.

Complete PPK Survey System

We recommend using the Inspire 2 PPK module in conjunction with the BAAM Tech PPK Base and Rover system to facilitate easy placement of ground control points (you may still need 3-4 for absolute precision) and PPK flight within the same simple workflow and post-processing software.

Take a look at our PPK Base and Rover System – low cost, high precision page for more information.


The BAAM Tech PPK system for the DJI Inspire 2 costs less than you might expect and includes the cost of a camera – cost will depend on exchange rates at time of purchase and which camera you choose. 

To find out more about getting PPK GPS precision added to your Inspire fleet, contact Queensland Drones using the links below or complete our simple quote request form.

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