At last! A real DJI alternative for Mapping Professionals

30 minute flight timeAndroid flight planning36 MP mapping cameraAccurate Geo Tagging

Tired of being held hostage by DJI technologies? Wish there was a real, viable alternative for serious mapping professionals? Well now there is!

The Alta Multirotor PPK Aerial Mapping UAV has been built from the ground up my mapping professionals to deliver centimetre level precision without mandatory geofencing, helping serious aerial mapping professionals to fly precision mapping missions without ridiculous exemption processes, dramatically increasing the time you can spend flying your mapping missions, while delivering best in class durability and performance.

  • 30 minute flight time
  • 36 MP downward facing camera
  • Wireless Android based ground station
  • Comprehensive mission planning software
  • PPK precision (2-3cm accuracy)
  • Simple post-processing software included
  • No exclusion zones to manage
  • No mandatory software updates
  • Easy to transport and fly

Please contact Queensland Drones using the links below to find out more about how the Alta Multirotor Mapping UAV can benefit your survey mapping workflow, or complete the simple form below.

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