Queensland Drones is now representing BAAM.Tech, a US-owned manufacturer of mapping UAVs and PPK mapping systems for precision aerial mapping. These are the same systems we now use in our own mapping missions for construction, mining, environmental management and more.

If you’re not familiar with PPK (Post-Processed Kinematic) it’s a GPS system that uses post-processing of data from a fixed base station to establish precise locations for data collected from a mobile rover station. The rover can be attached to a pole for establishing precise ground coordinates, or attached to a UAV for capturing precise image coordinates. Even without ground control points, precision of 2cm or less is achievable.

PPK is much better than RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) because: (1) it doesn’t rely on radio communication between the base and the rover, which can easily be subject to interference from wifi, powerlines or even the UAV’s own radio systems; and (2) it uses multi-constellation satellite data where RTK systems use only data from one satellite system.

You can choose to have the BAAM.Tech PPK system as a traditional base + rover combination, where the base is mounted on a tripod using a standard tribrach mount and the rover is mounted on a survey pole with a centring bubble. Just power up the base, power up the rover and walk around collecting your data points at the press of a button.

Or you can use the BAAM.Tech PPK system with a UAV – your own or we can supply one if needed. We can retrofit the BAAM.Tech PPK rover module to your Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced or Phantom 4 V2 UAV. We can provide a ready-to-fit system consisting of X4S camera, PPK module mount and GPS antenna mount for your DJI Inspire 2, DJI M200 or DJI M210 UAV. And we can provide instructions on how to install the PPK module in most fixed wing UAVs.

The workflow is remarkably simple if you choose to purchase both base/rover and UAV systems. When you arrive on site, set up the PPK base on the tripod (not included) somewhere convenient (we usually set up near the centre of the site) and turn it on. Then set up the PPK rover on a survey pole (not included), power it up and allow a minute or two for it to acquire satellites. Then simply lay any required ground control points (we usually still use 3-5 per site), centering the pole on each point and clicking the rover trigger to record the locations. Once that’s done, move the PPK module from the rover unit to the UAV mount and take one photo sitting on top of the provided calibration mat, then fly the mapping mission as normal (you can even reduce the overlaps a bit because the PPK precision makes the images easier to stitch). Once the mission is complete, pack up your UAV, pack up your rover and then pack up your base station unit. When you’re ready, simply copy the files from the USB drives of the base and rover and the SD card of the UAV to your project folder (in separate folders), then use the supplied PPK post-processing software to convert the location data to Rinex, process the rover locations (GCPs and camera locations) into a CSV file and apply the camera position data to update the EXIF data for the UAV imagery.  When done, you process the imagery as you normally would, but you only need use the GCPs as checkpoints.

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If you’re like me and want all the details, click on one of the images below to see more about the options available for serious drone mapping using PPK.


We can retrofit the BAAM Tech PPK system to your existing Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced or Phantom 4 V2, or we can supply you with a new Phantom 4 V2 with the PPK module pre-installed.

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We can supply a self-install PPK integration kit for the Inspire 2 consisting of a PPK module, a pre-modified DJI X4S camera, module mounting frame and antenna mounting frame.

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We can supply a complete PPK system for placing ground control points, consisting of a PPK Base and a PPK Rover, both ready to mount on tribrach adaptors or on 5/8″ survey mounts.

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We can supply the Futura fixed wing mapping drone with easy hand launch and easy steep angle, short distance landing, ready to fly, with or without the PPK module.

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DJI M210 PPKStay tuned as we’re releasing more integration kits for popular DJI industrial UAVs. We don’t yet have web pages for these products, but please send us an email at [email protected] or call us for details.

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