Aerial Land Mapping Surveys

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Get PPK-Precision aerial land mapping surveys using drones without significantly compromising accuracy or reliability of data. Survey grade aerial mapping with accuracy certified by your surveyor or ours. BIM, CAD and ESRI ready outputs.


Easily Compare Design Drawings with Precision “As-Built” Imagery

Make better operational and resource planning decisions by being able to overlay detailed design data from CAD and BIM systemn with precision detailed imagery from PPK-precision aerial land mapping surveys. Accurately measure volumes of material still to be moved, removed or added to complete earthworks and ensure completed works meet design standards and environmental approval requirements. Centimetre precision, even over very large areas.

Ensure Compliance With Planning and Environmental Approvals

Use precision construction and development site mapping to ensure ongoing compliance with planning and environmental approvals and measure integrity of flood level boundaries. Calculate volumes of material removed from site to validate contractor and transport company progress claims.


Secure, Cloud-Based Delivery Platform

DXF, DWG and Other CAD/BIM Formats

Directly Overlay Design Drawings

Local or Global Coordinate Systems

Don’t Let the Unexpected Stop You!

Things don’t always go to plan, but unexpected problems don’t have to mean everything stops. A colony of rare frogs means a development site is closed down while environmental assessment is undertaken, but precision aerial surveys allow design work to continue during the closure.


Precision Data from Inaccessible Locations

Design Ready (BIM or CAD) Outputs

Precisely Measure Progress and Plan Next Steps

Easily Share Critical Data With Field Teams

“You Can Only Manage What You Can Clearly See!”

GET STARTEDSee More, Do More!


Harness the power of high-resolution PPK aerial mapping imagery combined with GNSS-precision survey tools to accurately model and visualise your construction or development site. Model pre-design terrain to accurately estimate and plan. Compare earthworks progress with engineering designs to monitor progress and validate contractor claims. Manage time-based data on our AI-powered cloud delivery platform.

Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before!

Don’t be put off just because a drone operator says “you can’t fly there”. Harness our extensive experience to find a way to overcome the challenges either by securing CASA exemption or by finding innovative ways to achieve the same outcome without using drones. You might be surprised by what we can do!


Contact us now with your aerial land mapping survey requirements, for a no-obligation discussion or presentation of how our precision aerial mapping programs can benefit your projects.

If you would prefer to chat on the phone, give us a call on 0439 383202 now.


Queensland Drones is CASA Certified and Fully Insured for your safety.ImageImageImageImageImagePPK Precision Aerial Mapping and Survey Using DronesCorridor Mapping and Planimetric Feature MappingEnvironmental Monitoring and MappingMultispectral Vegetation and Crop MappingVolumetric Mapping and MeasurementAerial Mapping and Topographic SurveysContour Maps for Construction and DevelopmentAerial Construction and Development PhotographyDrone Inspections of Critical AssetsPrecision Farm Mapping using DronesPrecision Agriculture MappingGeospatial Data Processing Services[/cs_content_seo]