Aerial photography and videography

We show off our photos, videos and maps on our Facebook page and on my YouTube Channel but we’ll also be adding some of our favourite images and footage here. This page will grow over time so if you like what you see, please bookmark the page.

Aerial video projects

Our aerial videos are shot from various altitudes up to 120m (400 feet) depending on what we’re aiming to capture. After capture they are edited in Premiere Pro to extract the very best pieces of footage which are then stitched together into a contiguous video sequence with titles and music added for interest.

Aerial panorama projects

Our aerial panoramas are constructed by shooting many overlapping images, usually around 20-30 per project, and then stitching them together using specialised software. The stitched image is enhanced in Photoshop to get the best color and contrast possible.

Get ideas for your special project

If you’d like to find out more about how Queensland Drones can help bring your aerial imaging project to life, use one of the links below to get in touch with us.